Simple Digital Clock Widget

Digital Clock Widget – is a 🪶 light (9kb gzip) HTML/JS based, easy-to-use digital clock widget with flexible settings, embedded seamlessly for your website. Build ⚡ instantly-interactive web widget without effort.

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Time Zone
Google Mono Font

For a detailed example, please see the DEMO provided.


Easy to set up and use, the widget auto-sizes to ensure a responsive design and seamless integration. It automatically switches between dark and light themes; note that this feature is only relevant with a transparent background. To add an expressive element, you have the option to choose from Google Fonts. As a result, all these features have been compiled into a lightweight (9kb) bundle and published in the CDN (Content Delivery Network). Enjoy it with pleasure.


  • 🚀 Lightweight (9kb gzip) with CDN support;
  • 🌈 Adapts to preferred color schemes;
  • 🌐 Time zone support included;
  • 🎨 Flexible styling options;
  • 📐 Automatic sizing for easy integration;
  • 📝 Uses Google Mono Font for a sleek look;
  • 💯 Completely free, no advertisements;
  • Reactive attributes for enhanced user experience.

🎯 Ideal Website for This Widget

Categories of websites that should use this widget to improve their user experience:

  1. Tourism Sites 🏖️: Make trip planning a breeze by showing local times.
  2. International Business Platforms 🌐: Keep global teams synced with precise regional times.
  3. Educational Institutions 🎓: Help international students with class schedules across time zones.
  4. News Portals and Blogs 📰: Keep your global readers up-to-date with time-relevant news.
  5. Online Stores and Marketplaces 🛒: Smooth out logistics for buyers and sellers in different time zones.
  6. Event and Conference Websites 🎟️: Essential for attendees to track event timings in their local time.
  7. Customer Support Services 💬: Offer 24/7 support with a clear view of global times.
  8. Personal Blogs and Portfolios ✍️: Attract a worldwide audience with a user-friendly time display.
  9. Healthcare Websites 🏥: Schedule international appointments effortlessly.
  10. Financial Services and Stock Market Sites 💹: Crucial for international traders to follow market times accurately.

🌈 Benefits of the Widget

  • Easy to Embed and Use 👍
  • Sleek, Modern, and Responsive Design 🎨
  • Boosts User Experience for a Global Audience 🌍
  • Enhances SEO and Increases User Engagement Time 🔍

🚀 Conclusion

The JavaScript clock widget is your key to a more accessible, user-friendly website. It's not just an addition; it's an enhancement that speaks to a global audience. Install it today and watch your website transform! 🌟